Cafe Riche ‘Tawakul’ Building
Interior + Storefronts
  • Location:
  • Downtown Cairo, Egypt
  • Area:
  • 4000 sqm
  • Phase:
  • Ongoing
  • Refurbishment of the 1908 building located in Downtown Cairo. The building is being redesigned to host smaller residential units; studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units. The rooftop will hold a restaurant and a lounge serving the tenants and visitors from outside the building. Common rooms and utilities will be distributed throughout the building, ensuring pleasant and practical stays for all tenants.
    The design is sensitive towards the existing fabric of the building, not trying to clash yet still distinctive from the old. Storefronts will be unified in signage in a neutral design that should help emphasize the beauty of the elevations to be restored.

    MADA Architects




    Cafe Riche ‘Tawakul’ Building
    Interior + Storefronts

    | Project Description

    A high end dining and entertainment venue. The interior design plays with juxtaposing luxurious materials like brass, mirrors, and white marble with raw materials such as fare-faced concrete, vintage leather, and natural wood.
    The outdoor space is designed as extension of the indoor with an intricately woven perimeter fence incorporating brass and wood as well as lush greenery.